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The CHICKEN HOUSE is the perfect solution for the small chicken grower. Whether you are raising chickens or eggs for the family, as a hobby, or for a healthier lifestyle, this chicken house is the perfect solution. If you are looking for an easy, fun, and economic way to raise chickens, then the Chicken House is the one for you.


The CHICKEN COOP is the compact version of the Chicken House with most of the same features. The pen area is underneath the coop for the best use of space. With the outside nest boxes and the chicken ramp, this cool design offers all the same conveniences at an even more affordable price.

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Living in the southwest means living close to nature and having opportunities to live a more independent life close to the land and our friends and families. Owning your own chickens is a great place to start. They provide nutritious food, learning moments for our families and a rewarding engagement with nature that is close to home, whether that is in the country or a small city or town. Shed Pros has an assortment of small and large chicken coops to help you live a more independent life. Come on in to see if you we have the right coop for you.

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